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2015 Ford Taurus Pros vs Cons. Should You Buy?

Why Buy a 2015 Ford Taurus?
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Should You Buy a 2015 Ford Taurus? Here Are Some Reasons For and Against

The Ford Taurus was once the top selling sedan in North America during its heyday in the 1990s. Mechanically sound, a body style change caused it to start to lose its popularity so that by the end of last decade it was all but knocked out of Ford's line up.

No longer. With a refresh and a new design platform, it again looks to challenge as one of the top sedan models in North America. The 2015 Ford Taurus shows off a suspension that is tuned for its wide look, allowing drivers to enjoy the road even more. The interior remains spacious and comfortable, while the exterior provides options which include a spoiler and standard features like a mesh SHO grille, which exudes elegance.

Reasons To Buy a 2015 Ford Taurus - The Pros

1. Hexagon beats Oval

The 1990's design that sunk the previous Taurus line created a car centered around the oval shape. Interesting- yet not popular. The hexagon look that the Taurus sports today is much more in tune with the popular Tiger grille that many manufacturers have moved to- although it definitely retains its individuality. Ford designers have also managed to follow a trend to create a car that looks like it is in motion, even when it is parked.

2. Entertainment Value

The console allows for integrated voice activation of many navigation and communication features, which allows you to enjoy your drive instead of constantly needing to look at the screen. Ford also includes a USB port and Bluetooth as standard equipment.

3. Fuel Economy

32 MPG is nothing to sneeze about for a mid-size sedan that is gasoline powered- yet that is precisely what the Taurus equipped with a 4 cylinder engine offers.

4. Safety Enhanced

This year, the entertainment console features a rear-view camera that is standard on all Taurus models so that you can avoid possible problems as you back up. When you are moving forward, you can do so knowing that you can add options that help you avoid accidents, like a lane correction feature.

5. Comes with 12 Speakers

A standard Taurus comes with 7 speakers that are strategically placed to provide much better sound than advertised. When you purchase an upgraded edition, the number of speakers jumps to 12 and the entertainment bar is raised on the cars in the lanes beside you.

6. Rear Sunshade

It may sound strange to admire a feature as simple as a rear sunshade- until you buy a car without one and overheat your passengers, fade your personal belongings, and spend a few minutes waiting for the interior to cool on a hot day before you reload your car.

7. All wheel drive option

There is a reason that competitors like Subaru are widely popular in other parts of the country. Of course, on one hand, you won't like go off-roading in your Taurus- on the other hand, you will appreciate the option having been chosen the next time you are driving over mountains where there is snow or ice.

8. Seat Comfort

Instead of surprising people with manual controls and a jerking motion when adjusting the seat while driving, Ford has chosen to include 6 way, power seats as a standard Taurus feature. For drivers looking for more of a throne, there is an option that includes massage apparatus.

9. Relatively Crash Safe

The Taurus does not have the same Unibody construction as a Volvo- but when Ford owned Volvo they spent years having the Taurus team cross-design with Volvo engineers. The result is the same Taurus as it has historically been: solid safety ratings at the top of the range when the driver and passengers are involved in an accident.

10. Trunk Size

Size is important when your family gets ready to take off on Summer vacation and needs to find space to store all of its luggage. The 2015 Taurus rings in at 20.1 cubic feet, making it one of the largest trunks in its class.

Reasons Not to Buy a 2015 Ford Taurus - The Cons

1. Visibility

In the 1990's, even tall people had trouble seeing out the back of the Taurus. Not too much has changed with the 2015 model- the ability to see out the main rear window from the driver's seat is still not as clear as it is in other cars in its class.

2. Resale Value

Although it is hard to pinpoint what the resale value of a new car will be within a few years, Ford has always managed to confound expectations with the Taurus by either having a high resale value, as the past 4 years have shown, or a low one, like the late 1990's models were known for. If you are set on a Taurus and are value-conscious, it is therefore a good idea to look through blue book values of the options that you want before adding them.

3. Control

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The Taurus has always been a real normal car to drive. The wide style makes it even easier. And yet the handling is not on a par with the improvements that its competitors have made. There is no capability to change driving styles via the transmission and the lack of performance related options outside of the strong SHO model will leave customers definitely regarding the 2015 Ford Taurus as a strong sedan, commuter vehicle.

Overall, it looks like the 2015 Ford Taurus is not your father's Taurus. It's better. Thoughtful redesign of the styling to go with a solid powertrain and mechanical platform add competitive attractiveness to an already reasonable sticker price. The net result is a safe family car that is comfortable to drive and looks good enough to take to the marquee events in your life.

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