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2016 GMC Canyon Pros vs Cons. Should You Buy?

Why Buy a 2016 GMC Canyon?

Should You Buy a 2016 GMC Canyon? Here are the Pros and Cons

The 2016 GMC Canyon is a premium midsize pickup truck. The 2016 Canyon is available in four different trims. Customers can choose from the base, SL, SLE, or SLT. The GMC Canyon is available in either a crew cab with a short or long bed or an extended cab.

The base Canyon model features the extended cab configuration. It offers a power driver’s seat, a backup camera, USB ports, and air conditioning. The SL model provides standard rear seats. Options on the SL model include cruise control, remote keyless entry, and a spray-in bed liner.

The SLE models include more standard features, such as remote keyless entry, cruise control, an 8-inch color touchscreen, two USB ports, and 4G LTE capabilities. Other standard features include power mirrors, 17-inch alloy wheels, and aluminum trim.

The top of the line model is the Canyon SLT. This model includes everything that is on the SLE model plus a remote starter, automatic climate control, 18-inch wheels, and heated front seats. A number of options are available including a 3.6 L V6 engine, forward-collision alert, lane departure warning, a Bose sound system, and a navigation system. An optional 2.8 L turbo diesel 4 cylinder engine is available on the SLE, SLT, and crew cab models.

Changes for 2016 The GMC Canyon was completely redesigned last year. As a result, only minor changes were made for the 2016 model. The Canyon’s only significant change for 2016 is the addition of a 2.8L turbodiesel 4-cylinder engine.
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Top 10 Reasons to Buy a 2016 GMC Canyon – The Pros

1) Performance

The GMC Canyon offers top performance. The 2.8L turbodiesel engine produces adequate horsepower and torque. While, all engines are powerful and provide good acceleration, the V6 is especially capable. It has enough power to tackle almost any job. The automatic transmission shifts smoothly.

2) Excellent Fuel Economy on the Diesel Engine

The optional 2.8 L turbodiesel engine on the 2016 GMC Canyon pairs power and fuel efficiency. The turbodiesel offers the excellent fuel efficiency for a midsize truck. It gets 22 MPG in the city and 31 MPG on the highway. The turbodiesel engine is available on the Crew Cab, SLT, and SLE models.

3) Exterior Styling

The 2016 GMC Canyon is a handsome midsize pickup truck. It offers a rugged look that creates a lasting first impression. GMC uses premium materials for the Canyon. The design and engineering are both precise. The tall upright grille gives it a commanding presence on the road. GMC uses a liberal amount of chrome for an upscale look. The mirror caps, grille surround, and handles all feature chrome and give the Canyon a striking presence.

4) Handling

The Canyon provides excellent handling and control. It handles well during uphill drives. A number of unique features help drivers maintain control of the Canyon. Some of these features include trailer sway control, traction control, and assisted hill descent.

5) Towing

The GMC Canyon has more than adequate towing ability. It can tow up to 7,000 pounds capacity with an optional trailering package. The Canyon's trailering package includes four and seven-pin connectors and a two-inch receiver hitch. It requires the 3.6 L model to be equipped with a rear differential that features automatic locking capability. That feature is standard on the SLT model. It is available with other trims. Four-cylinder Canyons can tow up to 3,500 pounds.

6) Infotainment System

GMC’s Intellilink is more modern than a lot of the competitors. The screen is located in an easy-to-reach area in the middle of the dash. The knobs and buttons that control it are separated from the other controls, such as climate control. The Intellilink screen features oversized icons. The screen is intuitive and easy to use. The driver just taps to choose the audio, navigation, or communication functions. The screen offers access to a number of apps, including music apps, such as Pandora internet radio.

7) Interior Design

The interior is spacious and features high-quality craftsmanship throughout most of the interior. The cabin offers plenty of room, especially the crew cab models. The crew cab models have enough legroom in the rear for most adults to sit comfortably. The interior is designed really well, in terms of both space and materials. The Canyon offers a functional interior space combined with high-quality materials.

8) Technology

The Canyon offers a number of advanced technology features for 2016. Some of the options include Apple CarPlay, navigation, and voice recognition. OnStar is available and offers a 4G Wi-Fi hotspot. This allows for instant connection to apps anywhere. A rear camera comes standard on all models. This helps the driver maneuver and park in tight spots safely.

9) Optional Packages

The number of optional features on the 2016 GMC Canyon definitely helps set it apart from the competition. Drivers can choose a Nightfall Edition Package. This package is available on the Crew Cab SLE model. It features black exterior coupled with an intense monochromatic look black body color and grille. Five-inch assist steps are included, as well. An All-Terrain package is available, as well. This package offers a suspension package perfect for off-roading, dark cast-aluminum wheels that feature a metallic look, and black and red heated seats in the front.

10) Quiet Cabin

The Canyon features a quiet cabin. The interior is engineered to provide a remarkably quiet cabin. The Canyon is outfitted with triple door seals, inlaid door design, and a sound deadener. All of these features contribute to a remarkably quiet ride.
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Reasons Not to Buy a 2016 GMC Canyon – The Cons

1) Front Seat Comfort

Although fine for short stints, the front seats are not very supportive for long rides. The front seats could be more supportive and comfortable on the 2016 Canyon.

2) Pricey for the Midsize Truck Segment

A top of the line 2016 GMC Canyon can cost more than $40,000 with options. Although, this is pricey for the midsize truck segment, the Canyon offers a number of available options and packages not even available on the competition.

3) No Optional V8 Engine

In years past, the GMC offered an optional V8 engine on the Canyon. The V8 provided excellent power and towing ability. Unfortunately, the V8 is no longer available.

The 2016 GMC Canyon Compared to the Competition

The 2016 Canyon outshines the Toyota Tacoma and the Nissan Frontier in almost every aspect. It blew away the competition in the 2015 Midsize Pickup Competition by The Canyon went up against the Tacoma, Colorado, and the Frontier in this competition. The GMC Canyon won for its superior quality interior materials. The quality and feel of the interior far surpass the Tacoma and the Frontier, according to the judges. Also, it delivered excellent overall performance when stacked up against its competitors.


The 2016 GMC Canyon is a capable, premium looking midsize pickup truck. It offers respectable performance and is well-built. The Canyon offers a number of optional features and packages not found on its competitors.
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