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2022 Kia Niro Trim Levels, Configurations & Comparisons.

2022 Kia Niro Trim Levels, Configurations & Comparisons: LX vs LXS vs Special Edition, Touring, EX and Premium

Compare the 2022 Kia Niro Trims - LX vs LXS vs Special Edition, Touring, EX and Premium. What is the difference between them?

Hybrid vehicles have made an intriguing entrance into the automotive market, with their ability to save money and defend our planet garnering mixed reviews. While some may be dubious of their value, certain hybrids prove that power can come from eco-friendly sources - truly revving up debate around these revolutionary rides.

The 2022 Kia Niro offers drivers a choice between three distinct styles, designed to suit individual preferences. The traditional hybrid presents excellent fuel efficiency, while the plug-in hybrid and all-electric models push energy savings even further. Of course what really sets this vehicle apart is its unique style – some may call it a big hatchback; others might say small crossover SUV - but either way you'll stand out from the pack! All that with great value for money makes buying one of these vehicles an easy decision for many drivers.

There are six different trim levels available, although not all trims can be paired with all powertrain setups. That fact, combined with the different features offered by each trim, can make it difficult for drivers to know where to invest their money. The LX may have everything they really need, or they may need to go all the way up to the EX Premium to be happy. Of course, there are several enticing options found in between the extremes.

This guide will simplify the 2022 Kia Niro selection process by detailing the differences between the models.


Compare the LX vs. LXS Trims. What is the difference?

The Niro LX enables drivers to experience maximum efficiency with its hybrid powertrain. Featuring a 1.6L four-cylinder in combination with Kia's "full parallel" system, this powerful set up provides 139 horsepower and 195 lb-ft of torque for an extraordinary 53mpg city/48mpg highway fuel economy ratio - all while operating through a responsive six-speed dual clutch transmission and front wheel drive!

Buyers can only choose from five paint colors if they stick with the LX. Most options are relatively safe, such as Snow White Pearl and Steel Gray, but drivers can opt for Runway Red if they really want to make an entrance. There is a gloss black radiator grille that features chrome trim to help the Niro LX get noticed as well. This entry-level trim is home to power-adjustable side mirrors and a rear spoiler. Rounding out the exterior highlights are roof rails and rear privacy glass.

The LX features the Kia Connect infotainment system on an 8-inch touchscreen, with both Wireless Android Auto and Apple CarPlay as well as Bluetooth connectivity. Enjoy your tunes through a six-speaker audio device tuned to any station you desire! The interior offers cloth upholstery for optimal comfort during long trips, plus dual climate control that provides customizable temperature settings in each row - perfect when travelling solo thanks to its "driver only mode" feature. Lastly, capitalize on cargo space by folding down the 60/40 split rear seat whenever desired.

All models of the 2022 Niro, including the entry-level LX, are pretty impressive when it comes to cargo space. This crossover has nearly 20 cubic feet behind the second row of seating. The total cargo capacity is 54.4 cubic feet if the front seats are folded down. According to Kia, there are 120 cubic feet of interior space total.

Unfortunately, the LX is lacking when it comes to safety features. There is a tire pressure monitoring system, along with a hill start assist. The standard rearview camera system features dynamic guidelines, which can genuinely help when trying to back into a tight parking space. None of the advanced driver aids that are becoming so popular are even available for the Niro LX.

The LXS offers customers the option of a powerful plug-in hybrid powertrain that delivers an impressive 139 horsepower and can reach up to 102MPGe when running in all-electric mode. Even while operating in its hybrid state, this setup still remains efficient at 46mpg combined. Though those seeking maximum efficiency may opt for the standard LX which is estimated to do 51mpg city/46 mpg highway - 2 mpges more than the upgraded version - buyers could also find themselves swayed by various features exclusive only with the upgrade.

The interior of the LXS benefits from a leather-wrapped shift knob and steering wheel. There is additional storage located in a compartment under the cargo area, and the backseat gains a center armrest and extra cupholders. Proximity keyless entry and push-button start are also features added by the LXS. Remote engine start is yet another way this trim level upgrades the sophistication of the Niro. The LXS is available in the same five colors that the LX is, plus Solar Orange.

The 2022 Niro LXS is packed with innovative safety features to equip drivers for the road ahead. Automatic high beams, driver attention warning and rear cross-traffic alert provide invaluable protection from collision risks, while lane-keeping assist helps keep vehicles on their intended path. Moreover, a forward-collision mitigation system adds an extra layer of security by reacting in time when manual intervention isn't possible - including pedestrians detection capabilities – offering optimal peace of mind behind the wheel.

Compare the LXS vs. LXS Special Edition Trim Levels. What is the difference?

The LXS Special Edition is another option that is only available for the standard hybrid version of the 2022 Niro. It is very similar to the LXS, but it does add a few important touches. The upholstery is a cloth and leather combination, for example, and a sunroof becomes standard.

Power adjustment is added for the driver's seat when buyers go with the LXS Special Edition. The cabin is also home to ambient interior lighting for a more luxurious and high-tech look. Rear parking sensors are the only safety feature that is added by this trim.

For those looking to optimize their budget, the LXS Special Edition offers an affordable alternative. With a price tag of $1,500 less than its hybrid counterpart and at least two grand more economical compared to the plug-in powertrain version of the LXS model - it's a no brainer for sensible spenders.

Compare the LXS Special Edition vs. Touring Special Edition. What is the difference?

Once again, the Touring Special Edition is only available with the hybrid powertrain. This model gets the worst fuel economy estimates for the 2022 Niro. Buyers can expect 46mpg in the city and 40mpg highway, which is significantly less than what the entry-level LX can do.

Exterior upgrades found here are things like 18-inch alloy wheels, foglights, and power-folding heated side mirrors. This trim level shows off satin black roof rails. The Touring Special Edition can be had in stunning Horizon Blue, which is a color that is exclusive to this upper trim level.

Upgrade to the Touring Special Edition and expand your driving experience with a 10.25-inch touchscreen, integrated navigation, HD radio, and satellite radio for endless entertainment options at your fingertips - literally! Keep both hands on the wheel as you easily utilize voice control to navigate from place-to-place without ever having to take eyes off of the road. Plus no more cords needed when connecting up Apple CarPlay or Android Auto; just simply sync it all wirelessly!

An eight-speaker audio system including an integrated subwoofer is another upgrade made for the Touring Special Edition. A wireless charging pad is also thrown in for upping convenience and sophistication. The upholstery is synthetic leather and the rear passengers get their own air vents to help everyone stay cozier as the weather changes. Choosing this variation of the 2022 Niro will mean getting steering-wheel-mounted controls for the audio, cruise, and phone functions of the vehicle.

The forward-collision mitigation system gains cyclist detection along with the pedestrian detection that the lower trims have. Adaptive cruise control for driving around town is also added, along with Kia's highway driving assist program. That last feature combines lane-keeping with speed control to significantly reduce the strain on the driver while cruising down the highway. It also keeps the Niro at a set distance behind the vehicle ahead, similar to adaptive cruise control.

Compare the Touring Special Edition vs. EX. What is the difference?

Experience the hybrid power of Niro's EX trim level - it offers a unique choice as both a plug-in electric vehicle and pure EV. With 201 horsepower under its hood, this model provides an energetic ride that increases satisfaction compared to others in the lineup. Additionally, you get fuel savings with up to 112MPGe combined estimated efficiency rating.

Buyers will need to be prepared to pay a lot more if they want the electric Niro, however. With the plug-in hybrid, this trim level starts at about $33,390. Pure electric models start at $39,000.

Underneath the EX trim level are 17-inch alloy wheels. It has very similar equipment to the Touring Special Edition, but it also adds heated front seats.

Compare the EX vs. EX Premium. What is the difference?

The newly released 2022 Niro EX Premium is the top trim level, boasting all three powertrain options and a set of stylish 16-inch alloy wheels. Inside this model buyers will also find wonderful upgrades designed to provide an enhanced overall driving experience.

Beat the cold with ease in the luxurious 2022 Niro EX Premium, which comes fully equipped to help you brave any weather. Featuring standard heated steering wheel and ventilated front seats for optimal comfort, as well as a built-in cargo cover that other trims don't include - this is one car that truly has it all.


Final Thoughts

With so many trim levels available for this model, finding the perfect balance of features and budget can be difficult. For those looking to get maximum value out of their vehicle purchase, exploring models in the middle range should offer an ideal blend; likely providing all essential features without pushing pricing too high. However, buyers must also ensure they choose a powertrain that accurately matches their driving needs.

The 2022 Niro Hybrid offers drivers an eco-friendly way to save at the pumps, with its traditional hybrid model being a cost effective and efficient choice. For those looking for plug-in or electric models however, they will find these come at an additional expense; though the EX trim level well balances this by including extras like wireless device charging.

For buyers looking for an affordable, capable daily driver that won't break the bank - the LXS Special Edition is a great option. It comes with desirable features such as a sunroof and power-adjustable driver's seat while still boasting excellent fuel economy compared to other trims. Perfectly suited to single drivers or small families alike, it makes sense both financially and practically.

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