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2022 Nissan Rogue vs Kicks

2022 Nissan Rogue vs Kicks

2022 Rogue vs Kicks - How Do They Stack Up? What are the differences?

The Nissan Rogue and Nissan Kicks are both two-row SUVs with commendable features. As products of the same manufacturer, they bear a similarity in their appearance and interiors. However, while the Rogue boasts a greater size and power, it also carries a heftier price tag, leading to the question of which one is better suited to a prospective buyer's needs. This review aims to detail their differences to help potential customers make an informed decision.

Size and Styling

Regarding their size and design, the Kicks is undeniably smaller than the Rogue. With a length of 169.6 inches, it falls over 13 inches short of the Rogue's length and is narrower and shorter in height.

The Nissan Rogue and Kicks differ significantly in both size and comfort. While the smaller Kicks offers an impressive 92.6 cubic feet of passenger volume, it falls short compared to its bigger sibling's roomy 105 cubit-feet interior, with 38.5 inches of legroom for second row passengers - a full 5 more than found on the Kicks! Those looking for maximum space should definitely look towards the larger model; however shorter riders may find even cramped conditions acceptable since only 33.5 inches are available at their disposal on board this nimble vehicle from Nissan.

The Kicks may have enough cargo space for some buyers, but those with larger hauling needs won't get the room they require. With a capacity of 32.3 cubic feet when its rear seats are upright and 25.3 cubic feet folded down, it can only hold so much - especially compared to the Rogue's spacious 36.5 cube-feet backseat storage even without being lowered! Doubling that number (74.1 cubes) by folding them flat makes this vehicle ideal transport if you're looking to pack in plenty of belongings every journey out.

The Nissan Kicks and Rogue are sleek rides that turn heads with their modern design. Both SUVs boast angular frames for a sporty look, while offering an abundance of wheel options to customize the ride - from 16 inches all the way up to 19! Aluminum-alloy wheels come standard on these stylish vehicles, giving them a polished finishing touch.

Two vehicles, the Rogue and Kicks, stand in stark contrast when it comes to their lighting features. While both come with halogen headlights as standard equipment, only the upper trims of the Kicks offer LED lights for that extra bit of flair. The Rogue takes things a step further by including LED taillights while optional fog lamps can be found on each model giving you even more control over your cars look.

The Nissan Rogue offers an array of optional exterior features that give it a leg up over its smaller compatriot, the Kicks. Notably, you can find advanced amenities like power liftgates and LED turn signal mirrors with heating capabilities - both unavailable on the latter model. You also don't want to miss out on the all-important reverse tilt-down feature for optimal mirror positioning when parking.

Furthermore, a dual-panel panoramic moonroof is an exclusive offering on the Nissan Rogue. Available as a standard feature on two of the four total trims and as an upgrade option on another, this premium amenity significantly elevates the cabin's appeal. The moonroof amplifies the spacious feel and permits natural light to flood the interior, enhancing the driving experience to a significant degree.


The Nissan Rogue and Kicks provide customers with the luxury of convenience, offering a single powertrain choice that makes decision-making effortless. Streamlining this process to benefit those who require simplicity reinforces Nissan's commitment to delivering an optimal driving experience.

Beneath the hood of the Kicks rests a four-cylinder 1.6-liter engine, while the Rogue features a slightly smaller three-cylinder 1.5-liter engine. Despite its size, the Rogue's engine packs a turbocharger that grants it an impressive power output of 201 horsepower and 225 pound-feet of torque, surpassing the Kicks' 122 horsepower and 114 pound-feet of torque. Simply put, the Rogue delivers a superior driving experience in regards to performance.

The Xtronic continuously variable transmission is equipped with both engines, but the Rogue differentiates itself by providing manual mode and paddle shifters. These features can add a dose of excitement to the driving experience. The Rogue also possesses an electronic shifter and Eco and Sport modes, upgrading the SUV's level of sophistication beyond the Kicks' more fundamental amenities.

The Nissan Kicks and Rogue may outwardly look the same, but their drivetrains offer a major distinction to consider. While all Kicks models feature front-wheel drive, those interested in handling more extreme conditions can customize the Rogue with either FWD or AWD that offers Snow/Off Road modes for better maneuverability on slick surfaces.

The Nissan Rogue outpaces its competition with a range of performance upgrades. Featuring both front and rear stabilizer bars, plus an independent multi-link rear suspension versus the Kicks' torsion beam configuration, drivers are sure to enjoy smooth handling that is more refined than what's found in competitive models. Further setting itself apart from others on the road is the vehicle-speed sensitive electric power steering providing unparalleled responsiveness for confident control wherever you go.

When it comes to fuel efficiency, the Nissan Kicks and Rogue make an equally impressive showing. On average, both SUVs boast a combined 33 miles per gallon rating on the highway as well as in city driving conditions. It's worth noting that equipping the Rogue with all-wheel drive will reduce this figure by 2 mpg - though still commendable nonetheless.

Comfort, Options and Performance

An entry-level Rogue is a great option for drivers who want the same standard features seen on more luxuriously equipped models. These include manual seat and climate control adjustments, as well as push button ignition - perfect comforts to ensure any journey starts off just right! For those wanting all the bells and whistles, Rouge higher trims come with added perks such Nissan Intelligent Key smart key system plus remote engine start capability.

The Rogue takes luxury to a whole new level! With its higher trims, enjoy the comforts of two or three zones of automatic climate control and an auto-dimming rearview mirror - features that are not available on the Kicks. Meanwhile, those seeking single zone temperature controls can get them with the Kicks.

The Rogue's seats also have a more premium feel to them. Certain trims feature eight-way power-adjustable driver's seats with power lumbar support and four-way power-adjustable front-passenger seats. The driver's seat can even be assembled with a memory function to save preferred positions, and the memory function extends to the side mirrors.

In the first Rogue trim, there are cloth seats, as previously mentioned. The second trim can have cloth or leatherette, the next one has leather, and the last one has quilted semi-aniline leather seats. Heated front seats and a leather-wrapped steering wheel are seen in many Rogue models, with some even having heated rear seats and heated steering wheels.

Leather is not an option with the Kicks. It can typically have either cloth or sport cloth seats, and there's also an option to upgrade the highest trim with Prima-Tex upholstery. Prima-Tex and sport cloth seats are accented with orange stitching, so they feel a little more youthful and edgy. This design complements the standard metallic accents in the cabin. The highest trim of the Kicks does come with a leather-wrapped steering wheel and can be upgraded, for an additional cost, with a heated steering wheel and heated front seats. Heated rear seats aren't available.

Technology is a field in which Nissan has concentrated a lot of its efforts. Customers can take advantage of many recent advancements that make so many things much easier and more convenient. Both Nissan SUVs showcase fairly sizable touchscreens, along with Bluetooth, Apple CarPlay, and Android Auto.

The Kicks starts off with six speakers and a seven-inch touchscreen. For an extra cost, its top trim can be upgraded with a Wi-Fi hotspot and a Bose sound system that has eight speakers. SiriusXM becomes standard at the mid-level trim, as do an eight-inch touchscreen and a seven-inch digital instrument cluster. Three USB-A ports are standard, which is really great. The top two trims get an additional USB-C port.

Offering a slightly more comprehensive technology package, the Rogue starts off with an eight-inch touchscreen. A nine-inch touchscreen with integrated navigation is standard with the top trim and available on the second highest one. The base Rogue only has four speakers, though. Mid-level trims have six speakers, and the top trim is equipped with a Bose premium audio package that has a dual-driver woofer.

Interestingly, the Rogue's base trim doesn't have as many standard USB ports as the Kicks does. It only has one USB-A and one USB-C port. Higher trims get to have a pair of each, with wireless charging being available. Something else to note is that the entire Rogue lineup has SiriusXM, and a few trims have Wi-Fi connectivity.


Nissan's Kicks is engineered with an array of advanced driver-assist technologies, which provide unprecedented levels of safety. Standard features include forward collision warning and pedestrian detection as well as rear automatic braking; blind spot monitoring, lane departure alerts and rear sonar are also included. For the ultimate in protection on the road, Intelligent Driver Alertness comes standard for higher trims to proactively detect signs of distraction or drowsiness behind the wheel.

The Rogue builds on this impressive array of safety features by integrating everything from the Kicks safety package and adding a few extra touches. The base trim of the Rogue features Intelligent Trace Control, which allows for minor adjustments to braking during cornering.

The Nissan Rogue offers heightened assurance on the road with its advanced safety features. Intelligent cruise control uses navigation data to adjust speed, while a suite of additional technology counters lane departures and blind spots – plus it can even recognize traffic signs! An all-around monitor keeps tabs on your surroundings, combined with sonar detectors adding an extra layer of protection at front, rear and sides for maximum security.

Which Model to Choose?

While there may be certain shared features between these models, they are unequivocally dissimilar from one another. In terms of spaciousness and functionality, the Rogue surpasses the Kicks by a significant margin, making it the wiser choice for potential buyers who prioritize these aspects. This holds particularly true for those seeking all-wheel drive capabilities.

When shopping for a new car, budget is always top of mind. With the Kicks offering an affordable price tag at just under $20K for its base trim, it's hard to go wrong; stepping up to the mid-level and top trims only adds a few more thousand dollars. On the other hand, Rogue’s range starts off with a slightly higher cost - over $27k – but goes all the way up to nearly forty grand! That's sure enough incentive make those extra bucks stretch even further when considering your options between these two cars.

For those who want solid value for their money, the Kicks is a standout option. Its compact size and competitive price point make it an attractive choice - not to mention its comprehensive technology and safety features that appeal so much to customers. Plus, you won't have to sacrifice quality with this budget-friendly car - the Kicks packs all of your must-have tech into one stylish ride.

That being said, the Rogue exceeds the Kicks in terms of sophisticated features. For those who place a premium on driving an SUV equipped with navigation, the Rogue undoubtedly emerges as the preferred selection.

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