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2023 Hyundai Elantra Hybrid Prices: MSRP vs Dealer Invoice vs True Dealer Cost w/Holdback

Price terms Used in this Guide:
MSRP | Invoice Price | Destination Fee | Holdback | Dealer Cost

Hyundai Elantra Hybrid Pricing for the SE, SEL, N Line and Limited Trims

2023 Elantra Hybrid - Trim: 1.6L Blue, 4-Door Sedan. FWD Powertrain: 1.6 L, 4 CYL, Gas/Electric Powered, Automatic.
Invoice Price
Destination Fee
Dealer Cost
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2023 Elantra Hybrid - Trim: 1.6L Limited, 4-Door Sedan. FWD Powertrain: 1.6 L, 4 CYL, Gas/Electric Powered, Automatic.
Invoice Price
Destination Fee
Dealer Cost
Find the Best Price
Price Tip:
To find the best possible price on a new Hyundai Elantra Hybrid, shop prices online first. Get up front pricing before you walk into a dealership. We recommend the following free services; Edmunds,   Rydeshopper,   CarsDirect,   Motortrend  &   J.D Power
These services will offer you the lowest prices and supply you with multiple competing price quotes. You will know the best price before you visit the dealer.
Port Installed Options
Cargo Block
1.6L Blue$20
1.6L Limited$20
First Aid Kit
1.6L Blue$30
1.6L Limited$30
Trunk / Cargo Hook
1.6L Blue$30
1.6L Limited$30
Cargo Net
1.6L Blue$55
1.6L Limited$55
Wheel Locks
1.6L Blue$65
1.6L Limited$65
Rear Bumper Applique
1.6L Blue$75
1.6L Limited$75
Cargo Side Bins
1.6L Blue$80
1.6L Limited$80
1.6L Blue$115
1.6L Limited$115
Cargo Tray (Reversible)
1.6L Blue$115
1.6L Limited$115
Preferred Accessory Package
1.6L Blue$140
1.6L Limited$140
Alloy Door Sills
1.6L Blue$180
1.6L Limited$180
Carpeted Floor Mats
1.6L Blue$195
1.6L Limited$195
Cargo Package
1.6L Blue$190
1.6L Limited$190
All-Season Fitted Liners
1.6L Blue$215
1.6L Limited$215
Interior Light Kit
1.6L Blue$250
1.6L Limited$250
Winter Weather Package
1.6L Blue$330
1.6L Limited$330
Electrochromic Mirror
1.6L Blue$295
1.6L LimitedNA
Base Price
1.6L Blue$24,400
1.6L Limited$29,000
1.6L BlueFWD
1.6L LimitedFWD
1.6L BlueSedan
1.6L LimitedSedan
1.6L Blue4
1.6L Limited4
1.6L Blue55.7
1.6L Limited55.7
1.6L Blue184.1
1.6L Limited184.1
1.6L Blue107.1
1.6L Limited107.1
1.6L Blue71.9
1.6L Limited71.9
Cargo Volume
1.6L Blue14.2
1.6L Limited14.2
Seating Capacity
1.6L Blue5
1.6L Limited5
Front Head Room
1.6L Blue40.6
1.6L Limited38.7
Center Head Room
1.6L BlueNA
1.6L LimitedNA
Front Leg Room
1.6L Blue42.3
1.6L Limited42.3
Center Leg Room
1.6L BlueNA
1.6L LimitedNA
Front Shoulder Room
1.6L Blue56.5
1.6L Limited56.5
Center Shoulder Room
1.6L BlueNA
1.6L LimitedNA
Interior Volume
1.6L Blue99.4
1.6L Limited99.4
Fuel Tank Capacity
1.6L Blue11
1.6L Limited11
Engine Type
1.6L BlueGas/Electric
1.6L LimitedGas/Electric
Engine Size
1.6L Blue1.6
1.6L Limited1.6
1.6L Blue4
1.6L Limited4
1.6L BlueDOHC
1.6L LimitedDOHC
Compression Ratio
1.6L Blue10.0:1
1.6L Limited10.0:1
1.6L Blue104
1.6L Limited104
1.6L Blue109
1.6L Limited109
Fuel Type
1.6L BlueUnleaded
1.6L LimitedUnleaded
MPG City
1.6L Blue53
1.6L Limited49
MPG Highway
1.6L Blue56
1.6L Limited52
1.6L BlueNA
1.6L LimitedNA
GVWR (Gross Vehicle Weight Rating)
1.6L Blue4079
1.6L Limited4079
1.6L BlueNA
1.6L LimitedNA
Curb Weight
1.6L Blue2965
1.6L Limited3069
1.6L BlueAutomatic
1.6L LimitedAutomatic

How to Calculate The Dealer Cost of a Hyundai Elantra Hybrid

Formula for Calculating Dealer Cost:

  • Example: Base Hyundai Elantra Hybrid invoice price + the dealer Invoice price of all the options + destination - Holdback = Total Dealer Cost.
  • What is Holdback? A hidden amount that manufacturers give back to a dealer. It is a percentage of the MSRP or the Invoice price.

Total Dealer Cost - Rebate and Incentive + Taxes / Licensing Fees = True Dealer Cost. (You can get rebates and incentives here)

Note: All Hyundai Elantra Hybrid MSRP, invoice and dealer cost dollar figures above are subject to change without notice.

A note about rebates: Most rebates are subtracted from the "on the road" figure. In most cases, you can have the rebate if you are arranging your own financing or you are paying cash. If you decide to use the manufacturer’s low interest financing, you do not usually get the rebate. Ask your dealer for details.