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2022 Nissan LEAF Trim Levels, Configurations & Comparisons.

2022 Nissan LEAF Trim Levels, Configurations & Comparisons: S vs SV, S Plus vs SV Plus and SL Plus

Compare the 2022 Nissan LEAF Trims - S vs SV, S Plus vs SV Plus and SL Plus. What is the difference between them?

The 2022 edition of the Leaf has some notable changes compared to 2021. First of all, it has a significant price cut, which positions it to be the most budget-friendly choice among all EVs. Nissan has also made an array of previously optional features standard. Firstly, a package called Charge that has a new portable charging cable is now standard on all trims. The SV Plus trim level now has more standard features as well, as the Technology package has been rolled into its standard list of features. The overall impact of these changes is a major increase in value for the Leaf across the board.


Compare the Leaf S vs SV. What is the difference?

The S is the base trim of the 2022 Nissan Leaf. It has a base price of $27,400. It has a touchscreen 8 inches across, plus a full kit of tech features. That includes Apple Car Play and Android Auto for smartphone connectivity, four USB ports for devices, a voice recognition system, onboard satellite radio, and a sound system with four speakers. It has convenience features as well, like push-button start and proximity keyless entry. The S trim, as does all the other trims, comes with a portable charging cable and a quick-charge port.

The S is designed to make urban and suburban driving as safe, efficient, and convenient as possible. It's equipped with a comprehensive suite of driver assistance technologies such as rear-view cameras & sensors for parking in tight spaces; automatic high beam headlights that adjust according to traffic conditions; plus forward collision warning & pedestrian detection systems. Additionally it features reliable blind spot monitoring along with lane departure warnings supported by the innovative Lane Keep Assist feature - ideal for drivers who often motorway or highway trips.

The Nissan Leaf S is designed for both power and efficiency. Its 40-kWh battery pack powers an electric motor that provides 147 horsepower, making acceleration a breeze while cornering remains trim and efficient. Rated at 111 MPG-equivalent by the EPA, its seven and half hour charge time can be reduced to just forty minutes using the optional quick charge port - allowing you maximum range with minimal waiting periods. To top it off, this sleek ride incorporates regenerative braking technology which gives drivers complete control of their car with only one pedal.

The SV is the second trim of the Leaf. It has a base price of $28,800. It adds on a selection of additional comfort and luxury features. These include heating for the front row of seats, plus heating for the steering wheel and leather wrapping. There is onboard navigation and adaptive cruise control to add to its suite of tech features, plus a set of fog lights. The sound system has been upgraded to six speakers instead of four.

The SV trim of the Leaf offers many luxurious features without breaking your budget. For an additional $1,490 on top of the base model price, you gain access to a premium suite of amenities including surround camera system for improved parking assistance, LED headlights and driver attention alert just to name a few. This is truly remarkable value if you seek out more upscale touches with less expense than other vehicle trims offer.

Compare the Leaf SV vs S Plus Trims. What is the difference?

The S Plus is the top-tier trim in Nissan Leaf's lineup, offering consumers powerful upgrades for its starting price of $32,400. This trim includes a rapid charging port rated at 100 kW – doubling the capacity of lower trims – and a larger battery boasting 62 kWh worth of power to boost total mileage range an impressive 11 miles from 215 up to 226. Additionally, superior horsepower output brings this iteration’s engine performance up to 214; giving it noticeably improved speed capabilities on all roads when driven enthusiastically.

The whole value of the S Plus over the SV is down to whether you prefer to have the base motor or are willing to pay a little more to have the upgraded one with the increased horsepower and the expanded range. The Plus model resolves one of the biggest shortcomings of the base Leaf and provides you with a more fun driving experience, but it doesn't offer any major changes in terms of feature set besides that.

Compare the S Plus vs SV Plus Trim Levels. What is the difference?

The SV Plus trim provides the best of both worlds - luxurious comfort and advanced technology. It incorporates all the features from Nissan Leaf's trendsetting SV model, as well as additional upgrades such as a larger battery and motor that come with Plus line vehicles. All these amenities are at an incredibly competitive price point for what you get- $35,400 on base models makes it one of the more cost effective trims out there when compared to other EV offerings.

Compare the Leaf SV Plus vs SL Plus. What is the difference?

The SL Plus Leaf offers the ultimate driving experience. With luxurious leather upholstery and a powerful Bose sound system, complete with seven speakers, this is peak comfort for your road trips. Elevate yourself to an ultra-premium level of luxury at just $37,400 – allowing you to explore new destinations in style and sophistication!

The appeal of the SL Plus is in having those two improvements along with everything else that the Leaf has to offer. This starts to push the price into a higher area and it may no longer make sense to think of the Leaf as a budget choice in this price range. Think about whether the extra SL features are worth the boost in price.


Final Thoughts

The array of trims for the Leaf have one major way of dividing them-- the regular trims and the Plus trims. If you don't mind having the lower engine, then the SV trim is probably the best bet. It has some extras that the base S trim lacks, and its offerings can also be expanded with the Technology package if that looks appealing as well.

On the other hand, if you are drawn to the upgraded engine, then the SV Plus trim is the best fit for most buyers. The SV Plus has the right profile of features to be appealing but a price tag that still keeps it at a reasonable level. On top of that, the SV Plus has the Technology package included for free, which is a good way of sweetening the pot and adds considerable value to the trim.

Even on a budget, the S trim of this vehicle packs a powerful punch - offering all the vital safety components without breaking the bank. If your wallet can stretch just that bit further then you may want to consider opting for SV which boasts an impressive set of features with only minimal cost increase over its cheaper counterpart.

It's important to note that opting for its SL Plus trim won't necessarily be cost effective; other EVs offer more expansive features and luxury elements while not strictly exceeding what you'd pay at the checkout counter - so make sure you do your research before taking a plunge!

It is a good idea to try taking the regular and Plus models out for a test drive to see how the engines feel. Also consider tracking how many miles you travel in a normal day. The extra range might not wind up being relevant to you if you do not go long enough between charges for it to matter.

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