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2022 Nissan LEAF Trim Levels, Configurations & Comparisons.

2022 Nissan LEAF Trim Levels, Configurations & Comparisons: S vs SV, S Plus vs SV Plus and SL Plus

Compare the 2022 Nissan LEAF Trims - S vs SV, S Plus vs SV Plus and SL Plus. What is the difference between them?

Electric cars are becoming more and more popular over time. Early on, EVs tended to be very expensive, and they lacked a lot of performance compared to their gas-powered rivals or even hybrid models. Recent years have seen electric cars that can match their peers in terms of performance as well as price, and their characteristics like driving range have improved as well.

EVs are no longer just super-luxury models or gimmicks-- they are a real part of the landscape now and a worthy choice for many buyers, especially once you take into account the savings on gas that they provide. It is also easier than ever to charge them at home or out at work, lessening the burden of keeping them charged.

The Nissan Leaf is one of the better choices in the electric car category. It has a lot of interior space for passengers and cargo, and it comes with a great set of features depending on which trim level you choose. It also has agile handling and performance. The Nissan Leaf also comes with one of the lowest base prices compared to other electric cars. The one notable downside of the Nissan Leaf is the fact that it has a lower driving range than some of the competition.

The 2022 edition of the Leaf has some notable changes compared to 2021. First of all, it has a significant price cut, which positions it to be the most budget-friendly choice among all EVs. Nissan has also made an array of previously optional features standard. Firstly, a package called Charge that has a new portable charging cable is now standard on all trims. The SV Plus trim level now has more standard features as well, as the Technology package has been rolled into its standard list of features. The overall impact of these changes is a major increase in value for the Leaf across the board.

The 2022 Nissan Leaf has five trims to choose from. On this page you can learn about which trim is the most suitable for your needs. Each trim has its own set of features and they also vary in terms of their driving range, so this is a significant choice. You will know everything you need about the right trim for you and how to compare the trims of the 2022 Nissan Leaf.

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Compare the S vs SV Trim Levels. What is the difference?

The S is the base trim of the 2022 Nissan Leaf. It has a base price of $27,400. It has a touchscreen 8 inches across, plus a full kit of tech features. That includes Apple Car Play and Android Auto for smartphone connectivity, four USB ports for devices, a voice recognition system, onboard satellite radio, and a sound system with four speakers. It has convenience features as well, like push button start and proxmimity keyless entry. The S trim, as does all the other trims, comes with a portable charging cable and a quick-charge port.

The S has a large suite of driver assistance and safety features. It has a rear camera and rear sensors for parking, which are useful for city parking or driveways. For some extra convenience, the Leaf also has automatic high-beam headlights and a rear door alert. In terms of safety, standard features include forward collision warning and forward automatic emergency braking, plus pedestrian detection for forward-looking sensors. For the rear and sides, it has blind spot monitoring and rear cross traffic alert. Lane maintenance comes from lane departure warning and a lane keep assist feature.

The S has the base engine and battery pack. The battery has 40-kWh of capacity and it of course has an electric motor. The motor is rated for 147 horsepower. It provides great power and acceleration, and it has neat, trim cornering as well. The Nissan Leaf S feels great on the road and never seems underpowered or weak no matter what the situation.

The EPA estimates that the drivetrain gets 111 MPG-equivalent, a measure of fuel efficiency for electric vehicles. It takes about seven and a half hours to charge the Leaf from zero to full. With the quick-charge port and the right charging station, you can go from zero to 80 percent in 40 minutes. The Leaf also comes with a regenerative braking system that allows the driver to control the car with just one pedal-- releasing the accelerator will apply braking to the vehicle.

The SV is the second trim of the Leaf. It has a base price of $28,800. It adds on a selection of additional comfort and luxury features. These include heating for the front row of seats, plus heating for the steering wheel and a leather wrapping. There is onboard navigation and adaptive cruise control to add to its suite of tech features, plus a set of fog lights. The sound system has been upgraded to six speakers instead of four.

You can also choose to add on the Technology package. This package costs $1,490. It has a surround camera system that you can use for parking, LED headlights, a power adjustment system for the driver's seat, driver attention alert, and a rearview mirror with an auto dimming element.

The SV is a good option if you like the Leaf but want something that has a bit more upscale heft. It offers you some good touches and upgrades without forcing you to spend a lot more than the base trim. This is a better tradeoff than you find with other trim progressions and means that both the S and the SV are worth considering.

Compare the SV vs S Plus Trims. What is the difference?

The S Plus is the third trim in the Nissan Leaf lineup. It has a base price of $32,400. The S Plus has a few key upgrades that set it apart from the SV. First of all, it comes with an upgraded quick charge port. The port is rated for 100 kW instead of 50, so it has twice the charging capacity of the lower trims. More importantly, this trim level also has a major upgrade to the drivetrain.

The S Plus has a bigger battery with 62 kWh of capacity. This expands the mileage range of the Nissan Leaf from 215 to 226. That still is not as far as some other EVs, but it is a notable increase. The horsepower of the engine also comes up to 214, which is noticeable and can give the Leaf a fun edge on the road when you push the motor a little.

The whole value of the S Plus over the SV is down to whether you prefer to have the base motor or are willing to pay a little more to have the upgraded one with the increased horsepower and the expanded range. The Plus model resolves one of the biggest shortcomings of the base Leaf and provides you with a more fun driving experience, but it doesn't offer any major changes in terms of feature set besides that.

Compare the S Plus vs SV Plus. What is the difference?

The SV Plus is the Plus version of the SV trim, as the name implies. It has the full set of SV trim features with the various luxury and comfort upgrades that the SV offered over the S. It combines that with the upgraded drivetrain of the Plus line. In addition, the Technology package from the lower trims is incorporated into the SV Plus trim. The base price for the SV Plus is $35,400.

The SV Plus is one of the better trim choices because it combines the best of both worlds. It has all the expanded offerings of the SV trim with the tech package as well as the larger battery and bigger motor, but it still costs the same or less than lower trims of other EVs. Even though this is the second highest trim of the Leaf, it still has better value than most other EVs can offer.

Compare the SV Plus vs SL Plus Trims. What is the difference?

The SL Plus is the top trim in the Leaf lineup. The SL Plus is the top of the line and takes everything that makes up the SV Plus and adds on two new features-- leather upholstery for the seating and an upgraded Bose sound system with seven speakers. These two luxury and comfort features increase the price to $37,400.

The appeal of the SL Plus is in having those two improvements along with everything else that the Leaf has to offer. This starts to push the price into a higher area and it may no longer make sense to think of the Leaf as a budget choice in this price range. Think about whether the extra SL features are worth the boost in price.

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Which Trim to Choose?

The array of trims for the Leaf have one major way of dividing them-- the regular trims and the Plus trims. If you don't mind having the lower engine, then the SV trim is probably the best bet. It has some extras that the base S trim lacks, and its offerings can also be expanded with the Technology package if that looks appealing as well.

On the other hand, if you are drawn to the upgraded engine, then the SV Plus trim is the best fit for most buyers. The SV Plus has the right profile of features to be appealing but a price tag that still keeps it at a reasonable level. On top of that, the SV Plus has the Technology package included for free, which is a good way of sweetening the pot and adds considerable value to the trim.

The S trim is perfectly good, and it is rather well equipped for its price level. It is just that the SV can add on a good set of features without adding too much to the price, not that the S is a bad choice. The S does serve a key role in that it keeps the price below $28,000 and still manages to keep in all the most important and attractive safety features.

The SL Plus trim will not be the best choice for most buyers. There are other EVs that have a more expansive list of features and elements in their top trim that don't have prices too much higher than the SL Plus. The 2022 Nissan Leaf is designed from the ground up to the the budget option in the electric car space. There is not much point trying to go against its nature and get a tricked out luxury trim when there are other EVs that do that better.

It is a good idea to try taking the regular and Plus models out for a test drive to see how the engines feel. Also consider tracking how many miles you travel in a normal day. The extra range might not wind up being relevant to you if you do not go long enough between charges for it to matter.

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