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2022 Nissan Maxima Trim Levels, Configurations & Comparisons.

2022 Nissan Maxima Trim Levels, Configurations & Comparisons: SV vs SR and Platinum

Compare the 2022 Nissan Maxima Trims - SV vs SR and Platinum. What is the difference between them?

As a full size sedan, the 2022 Nissan Maxima has a lot to offer. In addition to having a spacious and comfortable cabin, it comes with impressive technology, many convenient features, and an engine that provides plenty of excitement.

Nissan makes three trims of the Maxima. All of them run on 3.5-liter V6 engines that can make 300 horsepower and 261 pound-feet of torque. This engine makes the car responsive and fun to drive. It has front-wheel drive and an electronic drive-by-wire throttle, and the company has chosen to go with an Xtronic continuously variable transmission.

The details below should enlighten prospective buyers as to how each Altima trim is distinct from the others.

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Compare the SV vs SR Trim Levels. What is the difference?

As just mentioned, these trims run on the same type of engine. For a vehicle of this size, having 300 horsepower makes for a thrilling ride. There are, though, some things that make the SR even more exciting.

It's the only trim to have paddle shifters, allowing for quick manual shifting whenever the driver wants to be in control of those transitions. The SR has a sport-tuned suspension that results in better handling. It has returned dampers, stiffer springs, and a larger front stabilizer bar than the other trims do. If anyone wants a more athletic vehicle but still prefers to drive a sedan, then this trim would certainly be the best Maxima to look into.

Along with these more premium mechanical components, the SR has 19-inch gloss black aluminum-alloy wheels. In comparison, the SV uses 18-inch machine-finished aluminum-alloy wheels.

Nissan has given the SV some attractive exterior features. It looks modern with its LED headlights and LED signature Daytime Running Lights. In the back, it has taillights with integrated LED signature lights, and there are more LEDs as part of the turn signals in the heated outside mirrors. On top of all of that, there are chrome quad-tipped exhaust finishers at the back of the car.

The SR benefits from having these LED lights as well. It also has LED fog lights. They might not come in handy that often, but when they're needed because of low visibility, they can be a big help. All of the other times, they can add to the overall appearance of the SR trim.

The SR looks a bit more sporty than the others, thanks to a black grille and black exterior accents. It has a sport spoiler and black quad-tipped exhaust finishers, too.

With the SR, the side mirrors are more advanced. They are heated and have LED turn signal indicators, like those on the SV do. The mirror on the driver's side has an auto-dimming function, and both mirrors can be tilted down when someone is reversing into a spot. This can help with precision when parking and making certain maneuvers.

Another way in which the SR has been upgraded is by having a dual panel panoramic moonroof. These types of moonroofs are much more spacious than traditional versions, and they can let in a lot of natural light. The panel in the front can be opened with the touch of a button to bring fresh air into the cabin.

When comparing the inside of these two trims, it's evident that Nissan has designed the Maxima to be a premium vehicle. The SV has quite a few features that many people will appreciate, but the SR offers even more.

The SV has a leather-wrapped shift knob and steering wheel, and it has contrast stitching in various parts of the cabin, including around the dashboard and doors. This stitching complements the satin chrome accents in the cabin.

Further, it has leather seats, which is very notable since this is the entry-level trim. The Zero Gravity front seats are heated and power-adjustable. The driver's seat can move in eight ways and has power lumbar support, and the front-passenger's seat can be adjusted in four ways.

Upgrades in the SR are noticeable. Instead of regular leather, it features premium ascot leather, and the seats have quilted Alcantara inserts. The front seats are heated and ventilated so they can provide comfort in any type of weather. The driver's seat has extra support for the thighs, and the front-passengers's seat has a power lifting function. A memory system has been built into the driver's seat as well as into the outside mirrors.

In the SR, an additional source of warmth can be found in the steering wheel. It has a heating element built into it so that people's hands can stay nice and toasty on cold winter days.

Aluminum sport pedals make the SR seem more like a race car, as does the charcoal headliner. Whereas the SV has satin chrome accents, the SR has slightly different satin dark chrome accents.

Ambient lighting helps the SR feel somewhat futuristic. This lighting uses LEDs, and it's adjustable so that people can make changes based on their preferences. Both the SV and SR have remote engine start with intelligent climate control, push-button start, dual-zone automatic climate control, and auto-dimming rearview mirrors. The SR gets to have HomeLink technology built into its rearview mirror so that it can act as a garage door opener.

In terms of their infotainment packages, there are only a few differences between the two trims. The SR has a Bose premium sound system with 11 speakers and Centerpoint 2 surround technology, while the SV has an eight-speaker audio system. For some, this would be considered a minor distinction, but those who love listening to music or podcasts from their vehicles will appreciate the enhanced audio quality in the SR. The SR also has active noise cancellation and active sound enhancement to improve the overall experience.

To keep devices charged, the SR has more USB ports than the SV does. In the SV, there is one USB-A port and one USB-C port. The SR gets to have two of each, and this will really be helpful when passengers are traveling with multiple devices.

What's great is that the standard technology package on the Nissan Maxima is very comprehensive. It includes SiriusXM Radio, Bluetooth, Apple CarPlay, and Android Auto. Built-in Wi-Fi connectivity can be useful when people are trying to get work done, video chat, play online games, or stream content. Every trim has an eight-inch touchscreen, and navigation is another standard component. Along with navigation comes SiriusXM Traffic and Travel Link. The seven-inch digital display behind the steering wheel can show the driver all sorts of important information regarding the vehicle.

Nissan has done well in regards to making the Maxima a safe vehicle to drive. Every Maxima has forward collision warning, pedestrian detection, and automatic emergency braking to prevent many types of accidents. Every trim also has blind spot monitoring and rear cross-traffic alert. The SV can warn drivers when they're veering out of their lanes, without having engaged their turn signals ahead of time. The SR can warn drivers, too, but it can take it a step further and correct steering in order to mitigate the situation. This feature is called Intelligent Lane Intervention.

All Maximas have rear sonar systems to alert drivers when they're getting too close to objects when backing up. The SR has a front sonar system as well, and it has a 360-degree monitor to provide a more comprehensive view of how the Maxima is doing in relation to its surroundings.

Both trims are fortunate to have rear automatic braking to prevent minor fender benders when parking. They have traffic sign recognition so that they can remind drivers of things that they should be paying attention to, like the speed limit or upcoming road work.

Compare the SR vs Platinum Trims. What is the difference?

The Platinum has many upscale elements. It feels a little more luxurious than the SR does, but it's not as athletic. The Platinum, like the SV, does not have sport-tuned suspension, nor does it have paddle shifters.

It does have 19-inch wheels like the SR does, but it's wheels aren't black. Instead, they're machine-finished aluminum-alloy wheels, which look fairly traditional. Remember that the SR has a black grille and black quad-tipped exhaust finishers. On the Platinum, those have been taken away, as has the sport spoiler.

What the Platinum has that others do not are rain-sensing wipers. They can turn on and off depending on the weather, giving drivers one less thing to be in charge of. The Platinum also has a rear-window power sunshade.

While the Platinum doesn't look that distinct from the others in the lineup, it does have a more luxurious cabin. It treats people in the back to heated seats, and like the SR, it has a heated steering wheel and heated and cooled front seats. It has a premium ascot leather-wrapped steering wheel, and it has satin birdseye maple wood-tone trim to increase its sophistication level. Its memory system works for the driver's seat, the outside mirrors, and the power-tilt and -telescoping steering column.

The infotainment system on the Platinum is pretty much the same as the one on the SR, and the same can be said for the driver-assist technologies. Perhaps Nissan could have given the Platinum a bigger touchscreen, a better sound system, or an addition safety system to make the Platinum stand out more.

However, note that the Platinum is only $150 more expensive than the SR is. When that's taken into consideration, it's reasonable that the two trims have many similarities.

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Which Trim to Choose?

The Nissan Maxima is a sleek sedan that will please a lot of drivers with its powerful V6 engine. Those who really value performance will want to pay a little extra for the SR trim. Its paddle shifters can be enjoyable to use, and its sport-tuned suspension will be enjoyed by certain customers who love the experience of driving. Besides being the performance-oriented trim, the SR has several high-end features, including premium leather upholstery, heated and ventilated front seats, a 360-degree camera view, and a heated steering wheel.

The Platinum doesn't offer too much beyond this. It does have heated rear seats, though, so it may be the right choice if people want to make sure their passengers are well taken care of. It is the most expensive out of the bunch, so buyers will have to think carefully about whether it's worth it.

For those who want to be more practical about their next vehicle purchases, the reality is that the entry-level trim should be more than fine. It's actually quite refined, and it has a lot of features that modern consumers are looking for. For example, it has navigation, Wi-Fi capability, a large touchscreen, and many driver-assist technologies that can actively protect people. Its cabin even has leather seats and heated front seats.

Combine all of this with the fact that the SV is about $5,000 cheaper than the other two trims, and you have an excellent choice. The Nissan Maxima SV is a car that is attractive on many levels, and that's why it's the most recommended option.

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