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2022 Toyota C-HR Trim Levels, Configurations & Comparisons.

2022 Toyota C-HR Trim Levels, Configurations & Comparisons: XLE vs Nightshade Edition and Limited

What 2022 Toyota C-HR Trim Should You Buy? What is the Difference Between Trims?

The 2022 Toyota C-HR is a fun and more compact alternative to traditional SUVs. It has a some interesting design features that give it a unique flair, and it has great technology and safety packages. It's not the most powerful vehicle in Toyota's lineup, but it doesn't need to be to attract attention from many buyers who want something that's versatile yet also on the smaller side.

This model made its debut in 2018, so it's a relatively new addition to the market. The number of available trims is somewhat limited, with there only being three options. In some of the previous years, there used to be an LE trim, but for 2022, it's been taken away. As a sort of trade-off, the Nightshade Edition has become a full-fledged trim rather than just an appearance package.

One factor that works in favor of the C-HR is its pricing structure. The high-end Limited is priced at less than $27,000, and the Nightshade Edition has a starting cost of less than $25,000. The XLE, which is the first one in the lineup, comes in under $24,000. These types of numbers can catch the eye of budget-minded potential buyers.

Each of these 2022 C-HR trims uses a 2.0-liter engine. This engine can crank out 144 horsepower and 139 pound-feet of torque. It works together with a continuously variable transmission, and the only type of drivetrain available is a front-wheel version.

The C-HR doesn't exactly offer a thrilling experience, but drivers can choose Sport mode to liven things up a bit. The other choices are Normal and Eco modes. Estimated mileage in the city is 27 miles per gallon, and it's 31 miles per gallon on the highway. This efficiency is more than decent and should please a lot of people.

This SUV can hold five total passengers, though it might be a tight squeeze considering that there's only 31.7 inches of leg room in the second row. Adults won't be able to stretch out too much back there.

The amount of cargo volume seems to be ideal for many consumers. The rear cargo hold has a volume of 19.1 cubic feet, and cargo capacity can be expanded to 37 cubic feet by lowering the rear seats down. Since the rear seat of the C-HR is a 60/40 split-bench, one side can be folded down independently of the other. When loading bulkier items, it helps that the rear seats fold down flat. This way, items can be more easily slid in and out of the cabin.

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Compare the XLE vs Nightshade Edition. What is the difference?

The Nightshade Edition has an elevated style with several black accents. While both the XLE and Nightshade Edition have vortex-style 18-inch sport-alloy wheels, the wheels on the Nightshade Edition have black lug nuts. More black is found on the outside door handles, chin spoiler, and badging.

This mid-level trim can come in several different colors. Like the XLE, it's available in Black Sand Pearl. All of its other color choices are actually two-tone designs. It can come in Wind Chill Pearl, Supersonic Red, or Magnetic Gray Metallic, all of which would be matched with a black roof. This color contrast is very striking and helps this trim stand out.

In contrast, the XLE is only available with a one-tone color scheme. As mentioned, black is a choice, and so are Wind Chill Pearl, Supersonic Red, Magnetic Gray Metallic, and Blue Eclipse Metallic.

That being said, the XLE is still pretty sporty. It has a rear spoiler, a shark-fin antenna, and an aerodynamic shape, and its hidden rear door handles have an intriguing design. Multi-reflector LED headlights and LED daytime running lights contribute to this model's modern aesthetic.

It's nice that Toyota has made heated outside mirrors a standard feature. Those mirrors come with integrated turn signals and have blind-spot warning indicators on them.

When looking at the cabin of these trims, there's only a minor difference between the two that should jump out. The interior color scheme of the Nightshade Edition is black, while that of the XLE is black with some blue accents.

Otherwise, they basically have all of the same features. They're fortunate to have remote keyless entry and a smart key system that works with the front doors and rear hatch. Along with this system comes push-button start.

These trims both have leather-wrapped steering wheels, leather-wrapped shift levers, and cloth seats. Their front seats are manually adjustable, and they have sport bolsters for extra support.

Toyota has put in several convenient amenities into the C-HR. There are multiple storage compartments in the cabin, including in the front doors and behind the front seatbacks. Dual-zone climate control is standard, as are illuminated vanity mirrors on the sun visors. A tonneau cover can keep things more private, and the 12-volt power outlet may come in handy at times.

Both trims have eight-inch touchscreens that are equipped with Apple CarPlay and Android Auto. In addition, the have SiriusXM, Bluetooth, and Amazon Alexa. Having all of these components can make it easy to stay entertained, informed, and connected to others while traveling. Since there's voice recognition, a driver's hands can stay on the wheel when someone wants to make adjustments to the infotainment system.

Safety is, of course, a category in which a lot of attention has been focused. The good news is the C-HR has plenty of driver-assist technologies. It has a pre-collision system that includes pedestrian detection. It has adaptive cruise control, road sign assist, and high beams that can turn on and off on their own, depending on how much lights is detected. Blind spot monitoring and rear cross-traffic alert are also standard, and this should be especially appreciated since they're not always included on entry-level trims.

Plus, this SUV can sense when its veering out of a lane. When it does so, it can warn the driver and could potentially correct steering to get people out of harm's way.

Compare the Nightshade Edition vs Limited Trim. What is the difference?

The Limited has some notable upgrades, which is why the price jump from the Nightshade Edition to the Limited is greater than the one associated with moving from the XLE to the Nightshade Edition. It has the same mechanical components as the others do, but it has some higher-end components.

Like the Nightshade Edition, it's available with a two-tone color scheme. However, it also can come in the colors offered with the XLE. Consumers will be glad to have so many choices with this trim.

Instead of having multi-reflector LED headlights, the Limited has LED projector headlights, and those headlights can adjust their angle depending on what the vehicle is doing. This allows them to be more effective at lighting up the road when the terrain is uneven or when the driver is making a turn. The Limited also has high-performance LED fog lights that could be useful at times.

All three trims of the C-HR have 18-inch wheels. The lower two trims have vortex-style wheels, while the Limited has turbine-styled wheels. Just as the XLE does, the Limited has color-keyed door handles. Remember that the Nightshade Edition has black door handles.

There are a few extra exterior enhancements found on the Limited. It has a red rear bumper garnish that makes it look aggressive, and it has an upscale chrome window trim accent. That chrome contrasts nicely with the Limited's piano-black B-pillar.

There's only one difference in terms of interior features, but it's a pretty major one. The Limited is the only type of C-HR that has leather upholstery. Leather gives this trim a much more sophisticated feel.

The front seats in the Limited trim are heated, which can really make a difference in comfort on really cold days, and the driver's seat is a power-adjustable version that has lumbar support. It can move in eight ways. In comparison, the manually adjustable seats on the lower trims can move in six ways.

In regards to safety and technology, there are no differences between the Limited and the Nightshade Edition. They both come standard with eight-inch touchscreens, and unfortunately, navigation is not an option, nor is the opportunity to get a larger touchscreen or a better speaker system. What is an option is the Audio Plus system. It comes with HD Radio, which is generally associated with higher quality audio due to a more dynamic range and a richer sound.

Like the lower trims, the Limited has a good set of driver-assist programs that can look out for potential problems and assist drivers as they try to avoid problematic situations. All trims have backup cameras, ten air bags, and three-point seat belts in all positions.

The standard Star Safety System is reassuring to have. It comes with stability and traction control in addition to brake assist. Further, hill start assist control is standard on every Toyota C-HR.

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Which Trim to Choose?

One positive thing about the trims of the Toyota C-HR is that they're all affordable. This fact is hard to ignore since finances are so important in the vehicle-buying process.

When looking at the prices of the C-HR SUV, it makes sense that there isn't too much that separates the top of the lineup from the bottom. After all, the cost increase from the XLE to the Limited is only about $3,000, with the Nightshade Edition being closer to the XLE than the Limited.

To be honest, it seems as if the Nightshade Edition doesn't really offer significant benefits. Yes, it has an available two-tone look, black badging, and black accents, but that's pretty much it. Is its more aggressive style going to justify its higher price? For most consumers, the answer is probably no.

That leaves the Limited and the XLE in contention for the title of the most recommended trim. For a few extra thousand dollars, a consumer would get leather seats, heated front seats, a power-adjustable driver's seat, and some extra exterior components that come standard with the Limited. Are these worth the higher cost? They could be. If someone loves the way that the lights work or really prefers to have leather seats, then this trim would be the one to select.

However, there are going to be a lot of people who don't need those types of seats or LED lighting. After all, these features don't actually make a huge impact on driving. What would make a big difference is having navigation, a 360-degree sound system, a larger touchscreen, or more power. Toyota has left all of those features off the list of options for the C-HR, so it's pretty much cemented this model in its position as a budget-friendly, value-oriented vehicle rather than a high-performance, luxury model.

Given all of this information, the XLE comes out ahead. This type of SUV is perfect for people who don't want to spend too much on what they don't need, and this entry-level trim will be the most sensible choice.

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